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Past Due By Elizabeth Seckman. Review by Sharon

Past DuePast Due by Elizabeth Seckman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got this book via ebook on Amazon off Elizabeth to read and review.

Jenna has a secret she has been keeping for years, the only other person who knows this secret is buried six feet under.
She's a single mum raising a child staying one step ahead of the bailiffs at all times.

Then Jenna bumps into someone after fifteen years of not seeing him.
Tres Coulther................What does he want?

Once Jenna has heard him out and listened she trusts him enough AND realises that she still loves him after all this time and tells him everything that happened over fifteen years , including the fact that he has a biological son aged fifteen.

Once she lets the secret out that's been haunting her for all this time Tres wants answers, but Jenna can't give him what he wants.
Once they start unwinding all the facts they discover it was down to family (her father, her deceased sister, his mother).

Tres decides he wants to be part of Tanners and Jennas life but will Jenna and her stubbornness allow him?
This is a book you have to read to find out.

Elizabeth has really shown the characters in this book.
She describes them to perfection...........their stubbornness, their giddiness and their over all character.
All in all I found this the best of Elizabeth's books although it may only have four stars (due to slow beginning) it's got to be her best yet.

BUT I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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