Game OnGame On by Kyra Lennon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well you're supposed to be to truthful in these reviews,so here goes.
For an author I had never even heard of a fortnight ago, let alone even think about reading books like she writes(as I'm not into those sort of books),did I get a SHOCK!!

I will admit it hands down this book was read in two days - if that. I just could not put it down.
I just loved the way Leah and Radleigh are so much alike that they can't say how much they feel for one another till the very end.
As the story tells itself I found myself talking to the book telling Leah not to go with Miguel, to wait and see if Radleigh would change,that's how much I was dragged into the book.
This is definitely a book I am glad I won in a competition otherwise I would never of discovered Kyra Lennon or her books.
Well I'm already reading book 2-Blindsided.

View all my reviews BlindsidedBlindsided by Kyra Lennon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not a good book....EXCELLENT BOOK.

This book took the pants off "Game On". Why?
Well in one way I don't know & in another way I do(I think).

Kyra took this book and brought into it some fabulous characters such as Isabelle.
I love the way she manages to bring you into the story so you sympathise with the characters.

Its a book that grabs you in & you have to keep reading. Jesse is most girls ideal guy loving, honest, caring etc... but he's still one of the lads & Kyra gets that across so well in her book.


View all my reviews The Land of the ShadowsThe Land of the Shadows by Elissa Daye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wanted this book when I saw it advertised, so I downloaded it to my kindle and also bought it.
When I started to read it I have to admit I divorced my family for a book, I just couldn't leave it alone. It pulls you in and keeps you hanging on at all times.

You feel sorry for Lyssa at first because of her childhood, but when help arrives to fight off the darkness you need MORE of the story.
If you like magic, paranormal and love, then read this book.

View all my reviews Cat and The DreamerCat and The Dreamer by Annalisa Crawford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book which I struggle to rate. Is it a 3 or is a 4.

Julia survives an attempted suicide when she was a teenager - unfortunately her only friend dies.

On the day of Rachels funeral Julia is still in hospital and doesn't get to go. This is something she can't live down and can't let go of.

To get away from the guilt that hangs over her and her mother who is just too over protective, she likes to escape to her own little dream world.

That is until Adam comes along, he just arrives in the the office and her world is turned around. Slowly she begins to realise that the real world can be a better place to live than this little fantasy world she's in.

I don't really want to go on and ruin this book for you.

It is most certainly a book i will be reading again as it is one of them that i think you could read over and over and find something different each time.

I hope to read many more by Annalisa.

View all my reviews A Very Game on ChristmasA Very Game on Christmas by Kyra Lennon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WARNING!!!!!!!!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I downloaded this book just before Christmas, it was great to read about the Westberg Football crew getting back together as a team.
I really enjoyed how it flicked through all the characters letting you know what they were getting up to at Bree's 21st party.
It's the first time the team have been together in a while so there is a lot of catching up to do.

Without ruining anything all - it leaves me saying is KYRA LENNON I want more from the "Game On" series.
So pen out and get scribbling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View all my reviews Healing Summer (The Coulter Series)Healing Summer by Elizabeth Seckman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Since being a teenager I have NEVER read a book like this.(I think the last one I read was Forever by Judy Blume).
I come to read this as it was a gift off a friend.
I thought at first I won't enjoy this BUT the way she flips the story from scene to scene really keeps you reading just to find out what's going to happen.
I also liked how the story portrayed how someone can go on through life knowing they have things awaiting them, they can have fun and live life to the full.

View all my reviews Sidelined (Game On, #3)Sidelined by Kyra Lennon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I just don't know what to say about this book.............
Kyra Lennon you've gone & done it again.
Well and truly bettered yourself with this one. I was not expecting a storyline like that.

Poor Bree struggling with her past like that.
Poor Reader having to struggle with the loss of the characters after the book had been read,thats how you feel.
This book is so different to the other books in the series (it's less romantic,more emotional) that you're pulled into the book so you can get a hold of the characters.

You may laugh at parts of this book.
But I will tell you now you WILL at some point shed a little tear if not cry.

View all my reviews That Sadie ThingThat Sadie Thing by Annalisa Crawford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cat and dreamer was the first book I read by Annalisa and to me she has just got better.
This collection of short stories has you caught and the book just can NOT be put down.
I can't say I had a favourite as I did enjoy all the stories in the book.
As she did in the other book she creates her stories brilliantly as she does her characters.
All I will say to you is don't try to guess the ending of any of the will only be wrong!!
Well done Annalisa.


View all my reviews Past DuePast Due by Elizabeth Seckman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got this book via ebook on Amazon off Elizabeth to read and review.

Jenna has a secret she has been keeping for years, the only other person who knows this secret is buried six feet under.
She's a single mum raising a child staying one step ahead of the bailiffs at all times.

Then Jenna bumps into someone after fifteen years of not seeing him.
Tres Coulther................What does he want?

Once Jenna has heard him out and listened she trusts him enough AND realises that she still loves him after all this time and tells him everything that happened over fifteen years , including the fact that he has a biological son aged fifteen.

Once she lets the secret out that's been haunting her for all this time Tres wants answers, but Jenna can't give him what he wants.
Once they start unwinding all the facts they discover it was down to family (her father, her deceased sister, his mother).

Tres decides he wants to be part of Tanners and Jennas life but will Jenna and her stubbornness allow him?
This is a book you have to read to find out.

Elizabeth has really shown the characters in this book.
She describes them to perfection...........their stubbornness, their giddiness and their over all character.
All in all I found this the best of Elizabeth's books although it may only have four stars (due to slow beginning) it's got to be her best yet.

BUT I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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